DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 20

This week’s #DotWrite21 prompt comes from poet Toni Bee who grew up in Dorchester’s Uphams Corner neighborhood on Jones Hill. Toni is currently coordinating this month’s Cambridge Poetry MashUp, a National Poetry Month celebration that will “celebrate the poetic and cultural diversity of poets who live in Cambridge, MA & its neighboring cities.” Write onContinue reading “DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 20”

DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 17

This week’s prompt comes from the Dorchester Poetree: Start in your roots. What holds you– / through seasons and storms? / Then write skyward, / reaching into new space / and language / until you unclasp / something unexpected / and green. As always, Write on the DOT invites anyone who participates in the #DotWrite21Continue reading “DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 17”

DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 14

This week’s prompt comes from Bina Ruchi Perino, a Dorchester resident and MFA candidate at Emerson College. Bina writes: Valentine’s Day was on Sunday, and we typically understand this holiday as a celebration of romantic love and affection. But affection isn’t just exclusive to romance. In this time, it can also be important to rememberContinue reading “DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 14”

DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 12

This week’s prompt comes from Crystal Koe, alum of the UMass Boston MFA program in Creative Writing for Poetry. Crystal writes: Having lost count of the number of times I’ve spiraled into anxiety recently, here’s a prompt that combines a therapy grounding technique with exploring the senses. 1)     Wherever you are, write down FIVEContinue reading “DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 12”

DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 10

This week’s prompt comes from Anna Ross, Dorchester poet and Advisory Board volunteer with Write on the DOT. Anna writes: Choose a line from either a favorite song or a hated earworm and turn it into a Golden Shovel poem (each word of your chosen line is the final word in each successive line ofContinue reading “DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 10”

DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 8

This week’s prompts are from U-Meleni Mhlaba Adebo, a Dorchester-based poet, storyteller, and performer, as well as a member of Write on the DOT’s advisory board. Prompt 1: Write a poem or about a time when you felt safe, calm. Where is your sanctuary? Is it a person, a place, or a thing? What makesContinue reading “DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 8”

DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 6

This week’s prompt comes from Write on the DOT Program Advisor and Dorchester writer, Aaron Devine. Aaron writes: For the past 6 years, my wife and I have lived on the first floor of a 3 Decker home near the intersection of Dot Ave and Columbia Road. A few years back, I came up withContinue reading “DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 6”