Write on the DOT started in 2011 as a reading series meant to bring grad students in UMass Boston’s Creative Writing MFA program together with writers and neighbors in Dorchester–Boston’s largest and most diverse neighborhood (colloquially called “Dot”). That year, Write on the DOT held live readings in local bars and published its first volume of local writing—all with the objective to open shared space for creativity and community.

Write on the DOT is a literary platform. We promote, support, connect, and inspire creative writers in Dorchester through readings, outreach, resource sharing, community partnerships, and publishing. We particularly seek to highlight the diversity of writers, voices, and experiences in our community. 

Write on the DOT is led by student coordinators from the UMass Boston Creative Writing MFA program each academic year. Co-creator Aaron Devine is the Program Advisor and wrote about Write on the DOT in this 2018 Dorchester Reporter column.

Write on the DOT is also supported by a volunteer advisory board of Dorchester-based writers and literary advocates: U-Meleni Mhlaba Adebo, Lynn Drew, Candelaria Silva-Collins, and Anna Ross.

Write on the DOT operates largely through volunteer time and energy. Our publications are sponsored by local businesses and community partners. Any funds raised go into the publication of books and programming costs. 

If you’re a writer in Dorchester or at UMass Boston with a question or an idea, please get in touch with us by email at dotreadingseries@gmail.com (and please be patient with our reply). 

Our platform is yours. 


UMass Boston MFA Student Coordinators

2010-2011: Sam Cha, Aaron Devine, Natty Forsythe, Crystal Koe, and Molly McGuire

2011-2012: Aaron Devine and Natty Forsythe

2012-2013: Aaron Devine, Natty Forsythe, and Mitch Manning

2013-2014: Lynn Holmgren and Mitch Manning

2014-2015: Lynn Holmgren and Elysia Smith

2015-2016: Shannon Kafka and Elysia Smith

2016-2017: Zak Bond and Shannon Kafka

2017-2018: Danny Elfanbaum

2018-2019: Danny Elfanbaum

2019-2020: Alexa Koch

2020-2021: Matt Shiels

Write on the DOT received the 2013 Beacon Program of the Year award from then Chancellor J. Keith Motley, selected by the Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement.

Past Sponsors

We are grateful to generous local sponsors and individual donors for making each publication of our journal possible.

as well as Ba Le restaurant, Avenue Liquors, Cappy’s Convenience + Eagle Liquors, and DJ’s Polish Market

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