Words Will Bloom: Outdoor Writing Workshop

On Saturday, April 24, Write on the DOT held its first in-person event of 2021. Words Will Bloom brought writers and neighbors together on the back patio at William J. Devine Golf Course in Franklin Park, Dorchester, for a one hour, social distanced and masked writing session that offered space to reflect on and illuminate our pandemic lexicon.

Designed and co-facilitated by Lynn Drew and Anna Ross, both local authors and volunteer members of the Write on the DOT Advisory Board, this workshop started with participants brainstorming the language of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each participant next chose one word or phrase to explore in a free write, expanding on its meaning. Participants then folded their pages and passed them to the left (in the style of exquisite corpse), so that three different authors wrote their interpretations of each term without knowledge of the others. Finally, participants returned the pages to their originators to read, share, and enjoy together.

As a culmination of our #DotWrite21 project, and prelude to the publication of our 6th book of local writing, Words Will Bloom demonstrated again the power of creative spaces to share new language and build community.


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