DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 20

This week’s #DotWrite21 prompt comes from poet Toni Bee who grew up in Dorchester’s Uphams Corner neighborhood on Jones Hill.

Toni is currently coordinating this month’s Cambridge Poetry MashUp, a National Poetry Month celebration that will “celebrate the poetic and cultural diversity of poets who live in Cambridge, MA & its neighboring cities.” Write on the DOT will be represented by two Dorchester poets at the kickoff event on Saturday, April 10, starting at 3PM.

A snapshot from Toni Bee’s garden. Photo credit: Toni Bee.

Here’s Toni Bee’s prompt:

CHANGE – in our second spring indoors we sense the spring season bursting out. We’ve had time to reflect upon our inner self and the workings of the world. Your Prompt is CHANGE or SEASON

Write prose or a poem that does or don’t rhyme. Consider: Have you, they, the pet or house plant grown? Do you hug the solitude of self or empty streets? Change – have you saved or spent more money- What do you value NOW that you’ve had a lengthy season to reflect?

As always, Write on the DOT invites anyone who participates in the #DotWrite21 prompts to share their work. Tag us on social media, or email us at for the chance to be featured on our blog.


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