DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 13

Pre-pandemic storytelling at home.stead cafe in Fields Corner. Photo courtesy of Bart Thompson.

This week’s prompt comes from Bart Thompson, founder/producer of the Dorchester-based live storytelling series Now Listen Here who lives in Fields Corner. Bart writes:

Now Listen Here is a Dorchester-based live storytelling series, created to provide a place to gather and share true stories about our own personal experiences. Everybody has a story to share, what’s your story? We welcome all interested storytellers and fans of storytelling to join us at our next virtual show on Zoom: Sunday, February 21, 7pm.

The theme for the virtual show is “Mixed Signals.”

Here is the prompt: Write a five-minute story about a time you experienced mixed signals. Was it a fender bender at a 4-way stop sign? Did you go on a date that wasn’t actually a date? When did you misread the room?

All are invited to join Now Listen Here on Sunday, February 21 for a night of Live True Stories. If you are interested in telling a story, but would like to get some coaching in advance, or to learn more about Now Listen Here, email us at:

Be brave, be bold, and be heard.  


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