DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 7

This week’s prompts are from Kurt Klopmeier, an alum of the UMass Boston MFA program in Creative Writing.

“And Then the ______Walked Into the Room”

Imagine or recall the details of an ordinary day. Put a mythological creature, supernatural being, or famous monster into the mix. Would they be familiar to you like family or a lover? Maybe your ex comes back in a form that is more fitting to them. Maybe you’ve become the creature you’ve always knew lived deep inside. What would happen? How would this day end? What’s the moral of the story?

Monkey’s Paw

Create mystery around an ordinary object, familiar person, or animal. How can you make something “normal” seem sinister, cursed, or imbued with extraordinary powers? What questions do you have? Who does it affect or alter forever?


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