DotWrite21 Prompts: Week 5

This week features three prompts to jumpstart a short story from Andréa Rivard, a 2nd year fiction writer in the Creative Writing MFA program at Umass Boston.

1. “Our first last kiss was better.” Write a story where this line of dialogue is said by one of the characters.

2. Grab the book closest to you, and flip to a random page. Read the first paragraph. Then, time yourself for one minute, and write the first words or phrases that come to mind. Use three of them to shape your story.

Andréa offers this image to accompany this week’s third fiction prompt below.

3. Aliens have come to Earth and wiped out most of the population of the planet. Those remaining have congregated in underground or cave settings. Set your story in New York City’s subway system. Any time someone leaves, they don’t come back, except for one guy, and he’s not telling what he saw.


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