DotWrite21 Prompt: Week 4

Coronavirus Map Draw & Write Prompt

This week’s prompt was submitted by Lynn Drew, graduate of the UMass Boston MFA Program in Creative Writing, former Coordinator and current Advisory Board member of Write on the DOT.

Maps invite us to locate ourselves in relation to whatever they show, to enter the labyrinth that is each map and to find our way out by grasping what is mapped. -Rebecca Solnit   

In the year 2020, how has your world been remapped?

Think about the physical movements of your day (or lack thereof), the emotional map of the last six months, a map of what’s gone missing or what you’ve become more aware of in your neighborhood during this year.

Once you’ve drawn your map, create a word/phrase-bank that includes items pointing to all five of the senses. Use this word bank to launch into a poem, essay, or story. 

This prompt is inspired by City Lab’s April 2020 call for Coronavirus maps. View some of City Lab’s handmade Coronavirus Map submissions here:


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