DotWrite21 Prompts: Week 1

(Clockwise from bottom left: Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Sam Cha, Ava Fields, and Candelaria Silva-Collins)

During last Friday’s reading, each of our poets presented a writing prompt to kickoff our DotWrite21 initiative. Choose a prompt that speaks to you, set aside some time, and write your way into it. Share the resulting piece in the comments below this post; or, polish and submit it by email to for a chance to be featured on our blog or social media.

From Candelaria Silva-Collins: What was your place in the family? If you were the youngest/middle/oldest/only, write about what it felt like. What did you always want to say to your sibling?

From Sam Cha: Write a sentence (any sentence). For each word in the sentence, think of the place where you first heard it. If you don’t remember the place, feel free to make it up. Describe the place and what you were doing in detail. Repeat as necessary until you contradict yourself.

From Ava Fields: What inspires you about chaos?

From Lillian-Yvonne Bertram: Write about what images obsess you. Write about what you think about when you’re daydreaming or nightmaring–what kinds of images you find yourself returning to or seeking out for comfort. But alternatively the obsessive images that you repress and fight with, and the ones that are maybe sources of discomfort or psychic trouble.


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